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finished jan. 12 2022, "THIS GUY." was a test of electric zine maker and my own ability to finish something.

meant to be at least a little goofy even as it takes itself completely seriously.

as a note, guy's name is not a proper noun - just "guy".

printable version sized to US letter paper:


nipples and "sexy" outfits below this point.

you've been warned.

this was the first go at making the "THIS GUY." zine, and boy is it different.

i was struggling to feel out the tools - and the program in general - at first. i thought it'd be fun to make it risque, but i was having so much trouble drawing in it that i gave up and just did whatever the hell instead.

guy hasn't existed long, so you can also tell i was struggling to feel him out. how stiff this old art is!

the original sketch for the 1st (2nd?) page. cigarette removed cause i had no idea if guy would smoke or not. leaned towards no because its funnier that way - still think so.

old page 4. booted for multiple reasons:

attempts for the last page. i wanted to reintroduce the sexy stuff for fun since guy started as an eyecandy concept...but i couldn't figure out text to pair with these.